YLT Cohorts FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will the cohorts be put together?

A: Our intent is for leaders to have a good fit with the other members of the cohort based on a variety of demographic factors.  Placements will be made considering ministry size, church location, leader experience, age, life stage, etc. 

Q: Can we request to be placed in a cohort with another youth leader in particular?

A: Yes, there is a spot on the registration form to make this request. We welcome the request but cannot guarantee it will be met.

Q: Will the cohorts be coed?

A: Initially yes.  We are also open to the possiblity of forming all female or all male groups.  

Q: Are there male and female Cohort Mentors?

A: Yes

Q: When will I learn who in in my cohort and who is mentoring my group?

A: As soon as your cohort is full (4 - 6 leaders) the group will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will reach out to introduce themselves and share cohort member information. They will then begin working with the group to establish set meeting times for the group and your monthly 1:1's.  They will also communicate details on the study program and reading schedule.  Each of these steps should be complete no later than August 1 ahead of cohorts officially beginning in September.  

Q: YLT Cohorts are most beneficial through two consecutive years of participation.  Can I decide to stop after one year?  Similarly, could I sign up for a third year?

A: That is correct - to receive the most from your YLT Cohorts experience a two year commitment is preferred.  You are permitted to conclude after the first year as well as continue for a third year if desired.  

Q: How do I/my church pay for the program?

A: A deposit/payment of at least $150 is required to secure your spot.  Upon receiving your deposit RYM will send an  invoice for the balance due. That balance can be paid in one lump sum or in any preferred increment and is due by May 15 of the program year.  (ex. If your program year is Sept '23 - May '24 the balance is due by May 15, 2024). 

Q: How do I access the seminary tuition discounts?

A: Upon completion of two years of the YLT Cohorts program you are eligible to receive a 50% tuition discount on qualifying degree programs at RTS (any campus or online) and CTS in St.Louis, MO (online or onsite).  Masters of Divinity and most Masters of Arts degrees qualify (MAC is typically excluded).  To access these discounts you must apply and be accepted to the seminary and complete associated financial aid application (where the discount option will be offered).  

Q: I have additional questions.  Who can I contact for more information?

A: Michael Hall, RYM Director of Training, is happy to help answer your questions.  Email him at: mhall@rym.org