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Justification: Right with God

Justification: Right with God By: Trey Owens Introduction It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that something is wrong with the world. Evil is all around us. People do terrible things. Nature is both a benevolent and a destructive force. As we get older and begin examining our world, we notice that life just doesn’t add up. It’s not fair. Why do we spend so much of our life trying to make things right? We try to make things right with our parents. We have... Read More
Posted by John Perritt at 9/17/18

Bible 101: Learning, Living, & Loving God's Word

Bible 101 - Introduction (Excerpt from the 12-Week Study) On episode 1026 of “Ask Pastor John,” John Piper was asked the following question – “What’s the last thing you would tweet?” He replied, “I thought about saying, ‘Read your Bibles and pray for insight,’ because there is so much that needs to be known about God that cannot be put into one sentence.” [1] Instead of saying that, he summed the gospel up in 140... Read More
Posted by John Perritt at 1/10/18