Bible 101: Learning, Living, & Loving God's Word

Bible 101 - Introduction

(Excerpt from the 12-Week Study)

On episode 1026 of “Ask Pastor John,” John Piper was asked the following question – “What’s the last thing you would tweet?” He replied, “I thought about saying, ‘Read your Bibles and pray for insight,’ because there is so much that needs to be known about God that cannot be put into one sentence.”[1] Instead of saying that, he summed the gospel up in 140 characters.

However, a longtime pastor and theologian thought about boiling his last words down to:  Read your Bible and pray.  He said that there’s so much that can be said which is difficult to fit into 140 characters.  Therefore, he’s encouraging God’s people to open up the Word and ask the Spirit to work through their reading. 

This is exactly what this study seeks to do.  More specifically, it seeks to teach students (and parents and youth leaders) what the Word of God is and how they should read it.  There are so many things about life we must be teaching the next generation, but if we boil it down to one thing, Bible reading is essential.  Can you think of anything more important? If we raise a future generation of Christians who know how to learn, live, and love God’s Word, we will be raising a generation prepared for whatever this world throws their way.

Bible 101 is broken into twelve weekly lessons. It is an introductory study on the doctrine of Scripture . . . hence, 101. While the study is aimed at middle school students, it can easily be adapted for high school students.  It would also be a good refresher for any student or adult. You know your church context best and where your students are – theologically speaking – so you may think this is well-suited for your high school students.

Each lesson should fill a thirty-minute time slot, but again, this could be adapted. If you need it to extend the lesson, feel free to add some original illustrations or examples from Scripture. If you have less time, modify the lesson to fit your time slot.

While this study is designed for a classroom setting, it can easily be used for small group or one-on-one study. You can even share copies of the material with students, read through it individually, and then come together to discuss it.

The point is the major leg-work is done for you; now you can amend it to fit your local church needs. Whether that’s shortening or lengthening the time, teaching it to older students, or using it with one-on-one discipleship, use it to fit your needs.

Lastly, Bible 101 is completely free[2]. When we say “completely free,” that means not only monetarily free, but with no strings attached. That means you don’t have to sign up for our newsletter, you don’t have to share this on a social media platform, etc. Reformed Youth Ministries seeks to spread the good news of the gospel by reaching students for Christ and equipping them to serve. Part of that goal is fulfilled through the production of resources.

It is our prayer that you use this Bible study material to spread the beauty of the gospel to the next generation and that you, too, are more enamored with the treasure of God’s Word in the process.



[1]Piper, John. Ask Pastor John. Desiring God (April 10, 2017).

[2] One advantage to offering free Bible study material is the ability to update and make revisions. Throughout the years, RYM may improve upon and revise particular sections of our material. When we do so, we will make that known but the consumer won’t have to purchase new material. We hope this is a way to serve the church in a more faithful manner.

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