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The Bookstore of Reformed Youth Ministries seeks to pass the faith on to the next generation by providing theologically rich and accessible titles for students, parents, and youth workers. Please continue to check back as we hope – by God’s grace – to add more titles that are a blessing to God’s people.

Insecure: Fighting our Lesser Fears with a Greater One

Dr. John Perritt 

It’s there when you look in the mirror. You’ll find it roaming the halls of your school or workplace. It tucks you in at night and greets you as you roll out of bed. You’ll read it in text messages & tweets. See it on Facebook and Instagram. It’s in our conversations and is always rattling around in our minds.

What is it? Insecurity.

Insecurity is something all humans struggle with. Young and old, male and female, across the globe – insecurity has no boundaries. While it is a commonality among humanity, it doesn’t mean it’s something you have to live with.

Insecurity is painful for many, but there is a greater fear to drown out this lesser one. Scripture tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is in this greater fear, that we learn how to grow, live, and, possibly defeat, our insecurity.

Pursuing a Heart of Wisdom: Counseling Teenagers Biblically

Dr. John C. Kwasny, Director of Discipleship Ministries at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church (PCA)

A healthy body. A strong mind. A good academic record. Success in every extra–curricular activity. A bright future. Out of all the qualities and successes adults desire to see in the lives of teens, a wise and understanding heart should at the top of the list. Grounded in the fear of the Lord, godly wisdom is essential to navigate the minefield of the teenage years. Far too often, it is assumed by many that adolescents are destined to be foolish—hopefully, outgrowing such foolishness by adulthood. Sadly, many teens are left to themselves during these years, dealing with the temptations and the struggles of their hearts and minds all on their own. Yet, all through the Book of Proverbs, young people are taught to gain wisdom through listening to and obeying their parents and other wise adults. If teenagers are to listen and learn wisdom, then parents and other mature adults are to speak wisdom and live wisely before them! To put it in today’s terms, all teens need Biblical counseling in order to pursue a heart of wisdom—and God calls parents and youth ministry leaders to offer them Biblical counsel.

Mark: How Jesus Changes Everything

Dr. John Perritt

With this twelve-week accessible study for young adults, Mark: How Jesus Changes Everything, John Perritt points readers toward a better love and appreciation for their compassionate savior and suffering servant.

Created for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large settings, this guide is theologically rich in a time when biblical illiteracy is growing among Christians. Rather than a message of moralism, Mark introduces students to Jesus: the lover of the least and the hero of heroes.

Perritt outlines many helpful questions paired with Scripture readings for personal reflection or group discussion. Through in-depth examination of the book of Mark, article readings, and applicable exercises, students experience the compassion and authority of Christ.

He helps young adults ask difficult questions: Why was Jesus angry in the book of Mark? How does Peter’s denial of Jesus still fit into God’s perfect plan? What does it mean that even Jesus begs his Father to allow suffering to be removed from him? 

By helping students walk away with a better understanding of the themes in the gospel of Mark, Perritt offers them a better understanding of the man, Jesus Christ, who is the gospel—the one who changes everything.


Scratching the Surface Series

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the Christian faith? Do you have the desire to read about a certain issue or topic but don't know where to begin? Do you have questions about Christianity but don't know where to turn? Reformed Youth Ministries' passion is passing the faith on to the next generation. Our hope for the Scratching the Surface Series is to pass on the doctrines of the Christian faith in an easy-to-read/beginner-style format for students. Be sure to pick up this title – and others in this series – to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Bible 101 & Prayer 101 are two 12-week studies we have adapted into booklet form for students. These booklets take much of the content from the studies and have been reformated for students to enjoy on their own. We would encourage parents or youth workers to read these alongside their child or student, or give these highly accessible resources to them to read individually. (To download the FREE Bible studies, please click here.)

Bible 101: Learning, Living, & Loving God's Word

Prayer 101: Growing our conversation with god
***Coming Soon***

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