COVID-19 Ministry Resource Hub

We understand that searching for ministry resources online can easily become overwhelming, especially with all the challenges presented by coronavirus (COVID-19).  We have created this dedicated page of resources and links in hopes of assisting you in your ministry efforts during these trying times.  Be sure to check back often as we will regularly update/add content. 

  • We know there are many additional resources blessing the Church.  Please share your ideas HERE.
  • If you have questions, need prayer, or just want to talk...seriously...let us know HERE and we'll connect ASAP. 


Bible Studies & Devotional Literature

Looking for material you could adapt to use in your online small group meetings?  Have parents asked for tools they could use at home?  Prayer 101 and Church 101 are free to download and are easily adaptable to a variety of contexts.  What Would Judas Do? and Get Your Story Straight are great examples of devotional material you could go through with students or even recommend to families.  

Podcasts & Webinars

  • The Local Youth Worker has a vast library of episodes sure to bring education and encouragement to you during this time.  Subscribe and browse around if TLYW is new to you OR re-listen to your favorite episodes if you are already a subscriber.  Click the link or search The Local Youth Worker wherever you get your podcast content!
  • The Local Youth Worker, episode 296 with Rev. Joe Novenson - It's Joe Novenson people...just listen!
  • Parenting Today, episodes 3.1 & 3.2 - John & Kurt discuss ideas for families.  Be sure to check out plenty of other Parenting Today episodes - some people say that Kurt can occasionally make people laugh...and we all need a good laugh these days!
  • Recent webinar hosted by Willis Weatherford (Christ the King, Houston) with numerous youth leaders from across the country - Youth Ministry During a Pandemic

Books/Articles/Reading Lists, etc.

Worship/Music Resources

Youth Leaders: Connect, Encourage, Share Ideas

  • Participate in regular Zoom Room Leader Meetings hosted by RYM.  These will begin the week of April 20. Email for meeting details!
  • Coronavirus resources from our friends at Rooted
  • The Gathering PCA - Daily devotional videos from youth ministry leaders from local churches in the PCA denomination.  All are of course welcome to listen in/be blessed by this awesome crew.
  • Virginia Area Youth Leaders "Idea Share" 
  • Prayer Request Line - shoot us an email for prayer!