High School Florida 2


» Registration will open for all 2020 RYM Summer Conferences on February 3, 2020.

» HSFL2 Registration Form (for the student/chaperone: participant information, t-shirt size, etc...) will open on February 10, 2020.

» HSFL2 Elective Class Registration Form will open on May 18, 2020.

Activities & Recreation

» Swimming (pool & ocean)
» Paddle Boarding*
» Kayaking*
» Gaga Ball
» Spike Ball
» Kan Jam
» Basketball
» Volleyball
» Ping Pong
*Requires additional release waiver


 Listen to previous main speakers & elective classes from High School Florida #2 here...


Important Dates

» February 3rd - Group leaders/trip leaders (churches) can fill out the RYM Church/Group Reservation Form to reserve space for their group
» February 10th - Students/chaperones can fill out the HSFL2 Registration Form after the church/group leader has registered the group
» May 18th - Full balances due to RYM (by youth leader) to avoid late fees*
» May 18th - Students can sign up for elective classes using the HSFL2 Elective Registration Form

*After May 15th, there is a $25 late fee incurred (per person in your group) for any remaining balance unpaid. If your group consists of 10 people, and your are late paying your remaining balance, your late fee would be 10 X $25 = $250. For a group of 25, your late fee would be 25 X $25 = $625. For a group of 40, your late fee would be 40 X $25 = $1,000.

Forms & Links

» RYM Summer Conference Registration Form (for the group leader/trip leader)
» HSFL2 Registration Form (for the student/chaperone: participant information, t-shirt size, etc...)
» RYM Child Protection & Safety Guidelines (background check & ministry safe training)
» RYM Summer Conference Registration Checklist (for the group leader)
» RYM Summer Conference Participant Checklist (for the group leader)
» RYM Summer Conference Frequently Asked Questions
» HSFL2 Packing List
» HSFL2 Sample Schedule
» Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Campus Map (main property)
» Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Campus Map (gulfside property)
» Pay your group's remaining balance owed via credit card or PayPal
» HSFL2 Registration Form Report (view to see who has registered...this is for youth leaders only. The file is password protected. Email Chrishon if you have not received it yet.))
» HSFL2 Elective Registration Form
» HSFL2 Elective Registration Report (view to see who has registered)
» HSFL2 Kayaking/Paddleboarding Wavier Form
» HSFL2 Youth Leader Booklet
» HSFL2 Afternoon Activity Schedules
» HSFL2 Small Group Questions