High School FL 2 Electives

2022 HSFL 2 Elective Classes

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1. What's Shaping You - Chandler Machemehl

When you think about the man or woman you'd like to become, say, 20 years from now, what comes to mind? Do you imagine yourself doing a certain kind of job, being married, having a family? What about at the very end of your life - what kind of person do you want to be? In this class, we'll talk about the things that are shaping us - for the better and for the worse - and how we can follow Jesus for the long haul. 

Chandler is married to Allison and they have three kids: Mabel, Cheney and Wylie. He went to UGA aka “the Harvard of the South”. He loves to play golf and eat at the Waffle House. Chandler is the youth pastor at Downtown Pres in Greenville, SC.

2. FaceTime vs Real Time: Let’s Talk! - Lynne Grosso

In a semi-social distanced world with increasing virtual demands, have we forgotten how to connect in person? Join us as we discuss social anxiety, listening well, asking good questions, and how Jesus teaches us to engage with others. Together we’ll discover how Jesus helps us talk. All introverts and extroverts are welcome!

Lynne is the Assistant Youth Director at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, VA.  She fell in love with Jesus when she was 16, loves to smile and laugh and is a total fangirl for 90's boybands. Some of her favorite things are pizza, baseball, and glitter.  Lynne loves meeting new people and has a passion for helping others discover the kindness of God through His Word, community, and conversation.

3. The Air I Breathe - A Study on Worship - Joe Deegan

The word “worship” is commonly confused with “music” within Christian culture these days. But the Bible talks about it as something bigger. So much bigger, in fact, that it’s better to describe worship in terms of “breathing” than “singing.” Worship is the thing we humans do most naturally, all day, every day, often without a passing thought. So the questions we have to ask ourselves are, who are we worshipping, how are we worshipping, and what is this thing inside us that longs to turn the good gifts of God into treasures of ultimate worth? Come join us as we take a deep dive into the study of worship and why Jesus is the only one worthy of the ultimate devotion of our hearts. 

4. I'm Not Angry, I'm Just Frustrated - Steve Lammers

When you think about an "angry" person, who do you picture?  Maybe a guy who's always scowling in the hallways at school.  Or a girl throwing a temper tantrum at her parents.  Or a movie character bent on revenge.  Did you picture yourself?  Are you an angry person?  If we are honest (and self-aware!), we all have to admit we struggle with anger: Maybe you resent how your parents treat you unfairly at times….or you're annoyed with a sibling who doesn't help with the dishes…or you stew over how a friend gossiped about you…or maybe you just want to scream at your glitchy phone!  In this elective, we'll examine situations like these in a way that goes beyond the phrase "I'm not angry, I'm just frustrated". We'll see what the Bible has to say about getting to the heart of our anger, finding hope and grace to experience lasting change.

Steve has been a pastor for 20 years. He has been a youth pastor, a senior pastor and is currently the RUF campus minister at the University of Florida. He's been happily married for 25 years and has two teenage daughters.  He's also waayyyy over the hill athletically but still believes he can play sports (what he's lost in speed, coordination, and strength he makes up for by fouling and talking trash).

5. Loving God with your iPhone - Vince Greenwald

This elective will explore the truth that our time on our screens matters to God.  We will learn about how our time on our phones, TVs, and laptops can be stewarded for His glory. Using Westminster SC question #1: "the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever" as a base,  this course will encourage us to think about whether our tech use tends towards the glory of God and our enjoyment of Him. We will consider what our phone usage says about our hearts, priorities, and sins, and then learn a process of discernment for what technology to have, when to have it, what to have on it, and why it is all for God's glory. 

Vince is the student ministry director at Immanuel Church Nashville and a student at Covenant Theological Seminary. He and his wife Caroline live in Nashville, Tennessee with Bear (3) and Lila (2). Each day, he seeks to joyfully follow Jesus and serve the church with Caroline, Bear, and Lila, and to bring students along with them (look for them at RYM - they’ll be there). 

6. When Everything Seems Bigger than Jesus - Bryce Davis

Sometimes it feels as if Jesus has been eclipsed by our circumstances, sin, or doubts. What we are going through feels so big, and Jesus might feel small. In this class we’ll consider how the grace, goodness, and glory of Jesus offers hope and strength for us in those times. 

Bryce is the Minister of Youth and Families at Providence Presbyterian in Clinton, MS. Bryce is married to Anna Grace and they have two children - and a dog named Bert. Bryce loves Mexican food, being presbyterian, hanging with people who enjoy laughing, and doing other things that make him feel alive. If you’d like to see Bryce's face on another part of the internet, click here. Want to direct anger at him on Twitter? Click here. If you’d like to see Bryce in person, then come to RYM and find Bryce in line for ice cream wherever ice cream is sold. 

7. Belonging to God in an Age of Self-Belonging - Austin Lenox

You belong to something. Everyone does! Much like the question of worship, it's not IF you belong to something but WHAT it is you belong to. Our current society is driven by a commitment to the idea that we belong to ourselves. "YOU are the only one who can call the shots in your life!" What if rediscovering the beauty of belonging to God in an age of self belonging is what we need to combat everything from burn out and depression to drug/alcohol abuse and pornography? If the "self-belonging" world in which you live feels inhuman and impossible to be happy in...join us in this elective! 

Austin was raised in rural North Alabama before attending Mississippi State University where he found and fell in love with RUF, Reformed Theology, and Youth Ministry. He has served at Main Street Pres. (Columbus, MS), First Pres. (Jackson, MS), and now serves as the Director of Youth and Assimilation at Redeemer in Midtown Memphis. He's married to Meredith. Track Austin down to hear why Pepsi is better than Coke and why cats are superior to dogs.

8. Four Hard Loves: Brothers, Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies - Scotty Anderson

In this seminar you will gain a deeper appreciation for the implications of Paul’s appeal in Rom 12:1 “to present your bodies as a living sacrifice.” The rest of chapter 12 is an intensely practical, good day/bad day, introvert/extrovert, intrusive and inescapable application of what Paul says in that opening verse. It covers the range of how we feel about the people around us and through the Gospel teaches us how to love some hard-to-love people. As we look at how to apply the truth of this text we’ll acknowledge non-theoretical people (you know...little brothers, future college roommates, new kids, and bullies).

Pastor Scotty Anderson is a Texas native and graduate from the US Air Force Academy. He got his MDiv at GPTS in 2005 and has spent the last 18 years in student and family ministry at Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church in Simpsonville, SC. He’s been married to his wife Kerry for 25 years and has two adult children (one who is a current seminary student and RYM Summer Intern…can you guess which one?!?) and a middle schooler at home. He’s a fan of the Bible, Bible related books, kids, college football, and normal stuff. Nothing weird.

9.  Bible Study Boot Camp: Tools for Better Bible Study - Adam Coppock

Does Bible study feel hard to you? Do you wonder what you are supposed to be looking for? Do some parts of Scripture intimidate you? Rest assured – you aren't alone! Let's spend the week learning some great Bible study tools to give you more confidence in studying God's Word. Our goal is to tune our ears to hear the voice of our Heavenly Father in His Word. We will learn some easy methods, better understand the different genres of the Bible and learn about some cool resources. This class will be super practical as we seek to grow a heart for God's word! 

Adam is the Assistant Pastor of Family Ministries at Young Meadows PCA in Montgomery, AL. Adam has worked in youth ministry for 14 years while also working with teens as a Bible teacher, basketball coach and FCA chaplain. After finishing an MDiv from RTS Atlanta, he has also been working on counseling certifications.  Adam has been married to his wife Stephanie for 14 years and they have three kids and are all huge New Orleans Saints fans. 

10. Discovering Jesus as a Person - Robert Row

Do you ever wonder: “There has got to be more to this journey of following Jesus. What I’ve been doing is just not working. I try to remind myself of the gospel everyday but it seems so floaty, I just can’t seem to grab onto it and figure out how it works in my day-to-day life.”

You are not alone in your struggles. I invite you to an interactive seminar full of discovery; discovery of the Person of Jesus. You may be thinking, “but I learned about Jesus in children’s Sunday school or VBS, I need more.” I promise you will discover Jesus in ways you never imagined. You will come out of this seminar knowing Him more intimately and longing to imitate him in your life in very practical ways. After encountering Him, faith starts working and becomes sticky. 

Robert Row is the Student Ministries Coordinator for seeJesus, a global discipling mission. He works with Student Pastors throughout the country helping them discover the beauty of Jesus as a Person. Robert served as a Youth Pastor for 20 years and he currently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife Rebecca. They have five children, Emily (In Heaven since 2000), Tyler (Junior at the University of Tennessee), Campbell (Freshman at Covenant College), Laura (10th grade) and Mary Katherine (5th grade). Robert enjoys fly fishing, hiking, camping, landscaping and bonsais.

11. The Power of Music - Michael Hall

It’s just true - music…all kinds of music…is powerful!  It affects our minds, emotions, and bodies in a variety of ways.  Why?  Is it neutral?  If it’s so powerful we should consider just how it’s power is affecting us.  Not primarily to stand in judgment on what music is good and what is bad, but (I believe) to identify what is true and celebrate it, identify what is false and reject it, and finally to discern how (or if) we should integrate it into our lives as children of God.  The goal for this class is to be informative, reflective, and fun.  We’ll talk about music, listen to music, think about music, and hopefully come out a little wiser for it!  

Michael is the Director of Training for RYM.  Before joining the RYM staff in 2016 he was a youth pastor in three churches (in SC, MO, and VA) for a little more than 20 years. Michael is married to Kirby, they met through RUF at Ole Miss where the Lord called them both to faith in Jesus.  They have three kiddos: McKenzie (20), Carter (19), and John Thomas (17).  He loves being outside, college football, food shared in community, laughter, powerful music and their two dogs…Rosie Gamgee (English Bulldog) and Theodore “Teddy” Laurence (French Bulldog).

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