High School MA Electives

RYM High School Mid-Atlantic Electives

Registration is now open! Read through the electives listed below and select two you would like to attend at the end of this page. 

1. The Air I Breathe - A Study on Worship - Joe Deegan

The word “worship” is commonly confused with “music” within Christian culture these days. But the Bible talks about it as something bigger. So much bigger, in fact, that it’s better to describe worship in terms of “breathing” than “singing.” Worship is the thing we humans do most naturally, all day, every day, often without a passing thought. So the questions we have to ask ourselves are, who are we worshipping, how are we worshipping, and what is this thing inside us that longs to turn the good gifts of God into treasures of ultimate worth? Come join us as we take a deep dive into the study of worship and why Jesus is the only one worthy of the ultimate devotion of our hearts. 


2. The Power of Music - Michael Hall

It’s just true - music…all kinds of music…is powerful!  It affects our minds, emotions, and bodies in a variety of ways.  Why?  Is it neutral?  If it’s so powerful we should consider just how it’s power is affecting us.  Not primarily to stand in judgment on what music is good and what is bad, but (I believe) to identify what is true and celebrate it, identify what is false and reject it, and finally to discern how (or if) we should integrate it into our lives as children of God.  The goal for this class is to be informative, reflective, and fun.  We’ll talk about music, listen to music, think about music, and hopefully come out a little wiser for it!  

Michael is the Director of Training for RYM.  Before joining the RYM staff in 2016 he was a youth pastor in three churches (in SC, MO, and VA) for a little more than 20 years. Michael is married to Kirby, they met through RUF at Ole Miss where the Lord called them both to faith in Jesus.  They have three kiddos: McKenzie (20), Carter (19), and John Thomas (17).  He loves being outside, college football, food shared in community, laughter, powerful music and their two dogs…Rosie Gamgee (English Bulldog) and Theodore “Teddy” Laurence (French Bulldog).

3. Teach us how to pray… - Lynne Grosso 

Even the disciples, those closest to Jesus, needed help with prayer. For those who think they don’t know how to pray or “aren’t good at it,” come join us as we discover the power of prayer and build confidence in our ability to talk to God privately and publicly.  

Lynne is the Assistant Youth Director at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, VA.  She fell in love with Jesus when she was 16, loves to smile and laugh and is a total fangirl for 90's boybands. Some of her favorite things are pizza, baseball, and glitter.  Lynne loves meeting new people and has a passion for helping others discover the kindness of God through His Word, community, and conversation.

4.  Real Fear, The Lies We Believe, and What To Do About It - Taylor Howsmon
Looking out at the Promised Land, God’s people saw a scary situation and fell apart.  Fear takes more control than we’d like to admit in our lives.  What can the Israelites teach us about fear?  How can their failure help us fight it?  How does God reveal himself in their story as strong and trustworthy, and how He longs to free us from fear.