Jonathan Griggs


Jonathan Griggs

New City Fellowship
Chattanooga, TN



What’s up!

My name is Jonathan Yehowakewale Griggs and if you're on this page you might be thinking about supporting me in the ministry I believe God has called me to pursue! Thank you so much for your support both financially and through prayer! I am a graduate of East Tennessee State University with a degree in Communications and a Minor in Psychology. I live and work in Chattanooga, Tennessee at New City Fellowship. Our church is devoted to racial reconciliation and support for the poor. I work with the youth group to love kids from affluent upper-class families to kids that come from government housing and everything in between. I plan to work in youth ministry for the rest of my life as well as pursuing a career in Firefighting. I am also engaged to a beautiful soon to be teacher, Sierra. God willing we will be getting married on May 22nd, 2021. For more detailed information on our ministry and what we have been up to during this pandemic look below to read my most current newsletter.


Jonathan's participation in the RYM Church Internship Program is funded through a partnership between the hosting local church and his raising support through family, friends, and other local churches.  Please join Jonathan's support team HERE and help him be fully funded!

October Ministry Update


            I hope this update finds you healthy, joyful and hopeful. While it may be difficult during these trying times, I believe it is more important than ever to lean on our Heavenly Father for support. For the last few months, the youth team has been striving to find a “new normal” for the youth group. It has been a struggle to create a schedule and calendar that doesn't have to be changed before each meeting. Thankfully, we seem to be rounding the bend and are looking forward to some sense of consistency soon.

            The last few months have been a test of my joy and persistence in the face of uncertainty. Our team has spent a lot of time drumming up static solutions to a continually evolving problem. It felt like we replanned and rewrote our calendar hundreds of times. We spent more time in front of a screen then we did with kids, and work began to feel more and more like a chore than a passion. During this time, I studied Philippians on my own and with some of the kids. Paul was a huge encouragement to me, consciously and subconsciously, at that time. It was such a blessing to read Philippians chapter 4:11-13 and remember that though Paul suffered greatly, he still found contentment in Christ. Reading about Paul as he discussed  the pros and cons of death and life in chapter 1:20-26 was awe inspiring and motivational. My prayer during these trying times is that I will be able to have a perspective more like Paul and that I will allow his example to lead me to Christ and the Father's joy and steadfastness. 

            For an update on my personal life, my thirteen year old dog had to be put down last week which has been hard on the whole family. She had two tumors and had begun to fade quickly. It was hard for me to watch her go, but I know it was hardest for my mom. In other news, I have been saving for a while to buy a car and I hope to have one by the time I write my next letter. 

            In closing, I ask for prayer for our youth group. Please pray that we will be consistent and diligent in this new season of work going forward. I also ask that you will pray for patience and joy as we continue to look after our students. Lastly, I ask for personal prayer over my fiance and I as our wedding date draws near. Things like housing and other finances are becoming more real and are admittedly scarier than ever.


Thank you and God bless

Posted by Margaret Duren at 07 December 2020