Episode Index and Links

***Below are links to articles, podcasts, and other helpful information Kurt & John mention on the show.***


Episode 11: Child Proof [Guest: Julie Lowe]

Episode 10: Bad Language

Episode 9: Dating/Relationships

Episode 8: Vaping/Juuling 

Episode 7: Pornography

Episode 6: Social Media




Cast Away (movie)


Episode 5: Family Worship

Bible Memory Work at Trinity Presbyterian Church

Jesus Storybook Bible by: Sally Lloyd-Jones

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by: Sally Lloyd-Jones

The Big Picture Story Bible by: David Helm

God Made All of Me by: Justin & Lindsey Holcomb

The Biggest Story by: Kevin DeYoung

The Westminster Confession of Faith

The RYM Student Podcast

New Morning Mercies by: Paul David Tripp

Family Worship by: Donald Whitney

A Neglected Grace by: Jason Helopoulos

Bible 101: For Students by RYM

Episode 4: Video Games

The Local Youth Worker (podcast) Episodes 163 & 164: Fortnite

Why Can't We Be Friends: Avoidance is Not Purity by: Aimee Byrd

Can't Men and Women be Friends (article) by: Winfree Brisley

Richard Tyler Blevins AKA 'Ninja' (streamer)

Episode 3: Eighth Grade (Movie)

Seeing and Believing (podcast) Episode #163


'Eighth Grade' and the Horror of Being Unknown (TGC article) by: Brett McCraken

Hollyworld Worldviews (books) by: Brian Godawa

Karate Kid (movie)

The Fault in Our Stars (movie)

Miniture Donkey Talk (magazine)

Episode 2: Movies


Cinemagogue by: James Harleman

Hollyworld Worldviews by: Brian Godawa

The MPAA - Catering to Our Inner-Pharisee by: John Perritt

Sex on the Silver Screen by: Tim Challies

Venom (movie)

Boy Erased (movie)

The Local Youth Worker Episode (Avengers: Infinity War and Fortnite)

Fortnite Coaching - The Wall Street Journal

Episode 1: YouTube

Snapchat Dysmorphia: