Our Mission

RYM exists to serve the Church in reaching and equipping youth for Christ. For nearly 50 years we have labored to fulfill our mission, but we are only scratching the surface of what needs to be done. We have a growing burden for the youth of our nation to be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, and by God's grace and power we will press on in our mission in three areas: Conferences, Training, and Resources.


RYM deeply cares about students and we long for them to believe in, cling to, and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ - a gospel which tells us about Jesus’ unrelenting love which is able to sustain us through all of life, and which is at work to make all things new. This is the heartbeat of RYM.

We strive to serve the Church through summer conferences which are God-centered, Word-driven, and Gospel-focused. Our goal is to provide a space where local churches from around the nation can gather together for worship, fellowship, and fun. We believe that this is a time in which you will be encouraged and challenged by the Word of God, grow closer together as the body of Christ, and enjoy times of fun and fellowship.

RYM is committed to applying God’s Word specifically to students’ current cultural contexts. We prioritize Scripture-saturated teaching through daily large group worship services, elective seminars, small groups, and devotionals - and we aim at the heart. RYM brings local church groups together to listen to, learn about, and live out God’s Word. We believe that God uses the Church in a unique way as the community of believers who are called to build each other up in the Christian faith.

To find out more about our Conferences, click the links below:

High School Colorado - YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO
Middle School Florida - Laguna Beach Christian Retreat, Panama City Beach, FL
High School Florida #1 - Laguna Beach Christian Retreat, Panama City Beach, FL
High School Florida #2 - Laguna Beach Christian Retreat, Panama City Beach, FL
High School Mid-Atlantic - NorthBay Adventure Camp, North East, MD
Middle School Texas - Allaso Ranch, Hawkins, TX

We hope you will be able to join us at an RYM Summer Conference this year!


RYM cares about youth leaders and celebrates their heart for youth ministry. We want to serve the church in reaching and equipping youth by investing in the men and women who are leading this endeavour. We do this through three avenues:

  • Youth Leader Training (YLT)
    An annual gathering to equip, connect, and encourage men and women serving in youth ministry.
  • Church Internship Program
    A full time two-year apprenticeship in a local church for men and women considering a call to a life of ministry.
  • Pastoral care, coaching, and consulting 
    Director of Training, Michael Hall, is available as a safe place for youth leaders to share struggles and concerns, ask questions, or discuss anything pertaining to helping local churches create, build, and strengthen reformed youth ministries. 


RYM does not exist to compete with the church but to be a helpful resource for the church in her ministry to youth and families.

Therefore, we are:

A. Expanding the RYM website so that it becomes a theological, philosophical, and practical resource for youth leaders, students, and parents.

B. Developing and gathering web-based bible study material (written, audio, and video) for youth leaders, students, and parents.

C.  Writing books and editing books series for youth and youth ministry leaders in partnership with Christian Focus Publications.  Also, we will be reviewing and recommending existing books and curriculum that we believe will benefit churches in their ministry to youth and families.

D. Providing a consulting service to churches in the area of youth and family ministry.

E. Helping churches find youth directors and interns that fit their context. 

F. Informing high school students about the ministry of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) on the college campus so that they can connect with it when they leave home for college. It is our strong desire that students become involved in a local church and RUF ministry for their spiritual well being during their college years.

Our intention for the future is to use our web-based initiative as a foundation for publishing curriculum, devotional guides, and discipleship material for students, youth leaders, and parents.

It is our prayer that the ministry focus of RYM (conferences, training, and resources for the church) will be used by our great Savior to encourage and equip churches in their ministries to youth and families, strengthen the ministry of RUF, and help transform the youth culture in general. In short, we desire to influence the church for generations.

We need churches and individuals to embrace our vision for the future and become partners with us in making it a reality. We need your financial support and your commitment to pray fervently and faithfully for the ministry of RYM. Would you join us in being used of God in truly producing a reformed youth movement in the 21st century?