Middle School Florida


Recreation & activities offered at Middle School Florida:
» Swimming (pool & ocean)
» Paddle Boarding*
» Kayaking*
» Gaga Ball
» Spike Ball
» Basketball
» Volleyball
» Ping Pong
» Kan Jam
*Additional fee & release waiver required

» MSFL Activity Registration Information & Release Waiver

Important Dates

February 1st - Churches/group leaders can fill out the 2018 RYM Church/Group Reservation Form to reserve space for their group
February 1st - Students/chaperones can fill out the MSFL Registration Form after the church/group leader has registered the group
May 15th - Full balances due to RYM (by youth leader) to avoid late fees*
May 15th - Students can sign up for elective classes using the MSFL Eective Registration Form

*After May 15th, there is a $25 late fee incurred (per person in your group) for any remaining balance unpaid. If your group consists of 10 people, and your are late paying your remaining balance, your late fee would be 10 X $25 = $250. For a group of 25, your late fee would be 25 X $25 = $625. For a group of 40, your late fee would be 40 X $25 = $1,000.