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Bullet-Point Book Review: Transgender

Bullet-Point Book Review:  Transgender Series Note:   We know you’re busy.  We know there are a lot of books to read.  We also know there are some books that are worth your time and some that aren’t.  Bullet-Point Book Reviews cut to the chase, hit the high points, and recommend books that will be helpful resources for teens, parents, and youth workers. __________________________________________ Book Synopsis: There's been huge... Read More
Posted by John Perritt at 1/17/18

Texting and Driving: A Good Reminder for This School Year

Texting and Driving: A Good Reminder For This School Year When I was in student ministry in a local church, I would try to have a regular public service announcement for our students. Typically, at the start of a new school year, I would get up and say something about the dangers of texting and driving. There was one year I even played the compelling AT&T commercial to convey the realities and potential dangers of this all-too-common practice. Therefore, I thought it might be a... Read More
Posted by John Perritt at 1/11/18

Why is He Wearing Makeup?

Why Is He Wearing Makeup? Have you ever thought about living on an island?  My rational side understands that as a foolish idea, but there are times when the fallenness of humanity makes me long for it.  Simply give me food, shelter, clothing, and solitude, and I’ll be just fine.  Recently, I walked into a restaurant and was taken aback by an encounter with the server.  And while I did not literally think of fleeing to an island, I was a bit puzzled as to how... Read More
Posted by John Perritt at 1/11/18