Don't You Just Hate School!? - John Perritt

John Perritt - Youth Pastor
Pear Orchard Presbyterian (Ridgeland, MS)

I wasn’t a very good student. I hated to read. I hated to write (the irony!). I hated waking up early. One thing I worked really hard on, however, was how to get through school by doing the least amount of work. It’s crazy to think about how much effort I put in to being effortless in school. I was a slacker. I wanted to play sports and that was about it.
It wasn’t until later in college (when I met my future wife) that I got serious about my future. Once I met her, I had a goal to reach so I tried harder in school. I later went to seminary, and I’ve told people that I made up for all the reading I didn’t do by going through seminary – you have to read a lot!
Here’s the question for you, why do you go to school? Many of you would say that you ultimately go to school so you can get a job. Right now you might not be thinking about getting a good job, but you know you’ll eventually get there. Right now you might simply be going to school to get good grades. And you’re probably trying to get good grades so you can get a good scholarship. Or, maybe you’re just getting good grades because your parents will punish you if you don’t. Maybe your motivation for getting good grades is because your parents don’t want you to be lazy. They want you to try hard to instill a good work ethic.
All of these can be good reasons. Some of the above can also be bad reasons. For example, pursuing good grades so you don’t get punished isn’t the best motivation. I would assume that you probably hate school if you fall into this category. In order to not hate school, you need a better motivation. So, that brings me back to my question, why do you go to school?
Here’s the best answer: to glorify God. Now, I know many of you just rolled your eyes or you think that’s a vague theological answer at best, but let me get a bit more specific. Some of you think glorifying God is about trying really hard and getting good grades for his glory. But, let me be (maybe) the first to tell you that you can glorify God with a “B” in science…possibly even a “C”?!
What you need to realize, when in comes to school, is that your brain belongs to God. It is not your brain. God lovingly and graciously gave you a brain that allows you to do all kinds of things. Without it you would be dead. Therefore, out of love for what he’s given you, take care of it. Another word for this is stewardship. The Christian student’s reason to go to school is to steward the brain God has given them. It is not to get good grades, it is not to get a good scholarship, or to even get a good job. The reason you go to school is to care for what God has entrusted to you.
In reality, this is the gospel. God has already given to you, now live in light of that. So many students function with a legalistic mindset when it comes to school. I have to do this. I must do that in order to earn favor. But, God’s already given you the brain, now you must marvel at his grace and care for what he’s given you. 
Maybe that truth will even help you enjoy school.

Posted by Joey Stewart at 10:00 AM