Resource Recap: Dr. Walt Mueller

Resource Recap: Dr. Walt Mueller

At the end of each week, the list of books and websites referenced on The Local Youth Worker podcast can be found here. We will also be sure and add other helpful resources we come across.

Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture by: Dr. Walt Mueller

The Space Between by: Dr. Walt Mueller

Youth Culture 101 by: Dr. Walt Mueller

Creation Regained by: Al Wolters

The Contemporary Christian by: John Stott

The Courage to be Protestant by: David Wells

God in the Whirlwind by: David Wells

The Complete Works of Francis A. Shaffer

A Reporter's Life by: Walter Cronkite

Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson by: Jeff Guinn

Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stones Magazine by: Joe Hagan

iGen by: Jean Twenge

Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life by: Donald Whitney

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