Thursday's Thoughts: Pop Culture & Christianity

Series Introduction: This weekly series is designed to accomplish a few things. First, we hope it encourages you to pause and reflect – even if it’s only for a few minutes. Reflection is a needed practice for developing discernment, so we hope these posts assist with that. Second, we hope youth workers and parents use these posts to foster discussion. Whether it’s at the dinner table or talking at a coffee shop, read these short quotes alongside your child or student to encourage discussion on a deeper level.

On popular culture & Christianity:

“Immersion in today’s highly influential, mindless, spiritually delusional popular culture has resulted in our high literacy in popular culture and low literacy in our faith.  Most of us cannot recognize the contrast between the ideas and values that dominate our culture and those consistent with our faith, because our primary education has been in the ideas and values of our age and we remain illiterate about Jesus’ expectations for our life.”

Dick Staub, The Culturally Savvy Christian, pg. 101

Do you think this is a fair assessment of popular culture? Why?

Do you think this statement accurately describes today’s youth? Why?

Have you bought into ideas perpetuated by this culture that are inconsistent with the Christian faith? Explain.

Is your primary education from pop culture or God’s Word?

Are you illiterate about Jesus’ expectations for your life? 


Posted by John Perritt at 4:00 AM