Why is He Wearing Makeup?

Why Is He Wearing Makeup?

Have you ever thought about living on an island?  My rational side understands that as a foolish idea, but there are times when the fallenness of humanity makes me long for it.  Simply give me food, shelter, clothing, and solitude, and I’ll be just fine. 

Recently, I walked into a restaurant and was taken aback by an encounter with the server.  And while I did not literally think of fleeing to an island, I was a bit puzzled as to how a Christian should handle this situation.  As I walked into the restaurant, the man who took my order was wearing makeup . . . lots of it.  Eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, and base.  Keep in mind that I don’t live in San Francisco, but in Mississippi.

While I was internally shocked, I was kind and normal on the outside, at least I tried to be.  My immediate thought was, “As a Christian, I want to be as kind and friendly as I can.”  In that brief interchange, I smiled, was courteous, and thanked the server for my service.

As I sat down, I imagined a scenario - What if I walked in with my five-year-old daughter and she asked why that man was wearing makeup?  What would I say? How could I parent her in that situation? There are several possible answers I could give, but what is the most God-honoring?

One may say that God created mankind male and female; therefore, taking something typically associated with the female gender and merging it with the opposite gender is inappropriate and something Christians should speak out about.  Another may claim that Christians are to love their neighbor.  Loving our neighbor can be manifested in numerous ways, but maybe we should simply love the individual by accepting their choice to wear makeup.

This is something we must wrestle with as Christians.  It’s a scenario we will be forced to deal with in some way, shape, or form.  I don’t pretend to have this figured out.  I'm wrestling with thoughts, just like many of you.  Even so, here are some conclusions we can make:

You Must Deal with This

Thinking back to the island example I gave, God has called you to be in the world.  Yes, I understand islands are in the world, too, but God has called you to shine the light of his glory into dark places.  You cannot flee from these situations.

You Must Read

The transgender movement is very complex.  For Christians to be faithful to engage with those dealing with these issues, we must read to better understand.  For Christian parents, teachers, pastors, and youth workers to remain faithful in passing on the faith, we must be reading so we can instruct the next generation.  Read the Bible, and read literature on the subject.

You Must Pray

In light of the complexities of this matter, bow the knee and seek wisdom from the all-knowing God of the Old and New Testaments.  It is easy to fear the curveballs of our culture, but seek refuge in our loving Father who knows the beginning and end of all things.

You Must Die

I firmly believe the complexities of our culture are going to force Christians to die to their idol of comfort and ease.  God calls us to speak truth into difficult circumstances at times.  Dr. R. Albert Mohler wrote a book entitled We Cannot Be Silent, and I think issues like the transgender movement will force Christians to speak when they may want to remain silent.  Either way, I think issues like these are going to force us to die in various ways.

You Must Be Humble

Thinking back to the example of the restaurant employee, please don’t be too quick to judge them.  You must realize you are sexually broken, too.  Because of our sin, none of us is completely whole, perfectly living out our sexuality as we should.  We are born in sin, and the vilest corruptions are in your heart and mine (Mark 7:1-22).  Apart from God’s grace, we are no better than murderers and rapists.

You Must Speak

There are some parents who are afraid to speak on these matters to their children.  While I understand that parents may feel ill-equipped to teach on these topics in the home, they should not avoid having these conversations with their children.  If you happen upon a cross-dresser at the grocery store or restaurant with your children, God sovereignly ordained that scenario.  Maybe he orchestrated that to force discussion of the subject in your home.  Having these conversations - sooner rather than later - will foster trust in the home and a proper biblical worldview.

You Must Grieve

I think the knee-jerk response for many Christians borders on anger when these issues surface.  I think grief is more appropriate.  The devastating effects of sin knows no bounds.  Sin spreads to every nook and cranny of our culture as well as to the nooks and crannies of our hearts.  Sin blinds and confuses us.  It destroys a proper sexuality, among other things.  Mourn at the horrifically broad path it blazes in the hearts and minds of others.

You Must Have Hope

It is finished! Jesus accomplished his mission.  He who had infinite riches became poor so that we might share in his inheritance.  He endured unimaginable sorrow so that we may have infinite happiness.  There is much to mourn in this broken life, but there is also much to rejoice over.  While our joy is imperfect now, there is a day coming when it will be complete.  The hope we have is the promise of perfect peace and joy in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is our hope for today and for the rest of our days.

Posted by John Perritt at 12:42 PM