2020 Virtual Conference Hub

RYM is happy to serve the Church by providing these "Virtual Conference" materials - all for free!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Daily Devotionals

Leader Electives


While we are sad that we could not gather together in Summer 2020, we hope these resources provide an avenue for you to safely gather and grow in grace and fellowship with your students this summer (or whenever you decide to use it!). We are grateful to be able to serve your church in this innovative way and pray it will be a blessing to you and your youth ministry.

The "Virtual Conference" consists of five "days" of material, which has been pre-recorded and is adaptable to use however best fits your context. Each day includes:

  • A Daily Devotional centered around core ideas in Isaiah 43:1-7 (all five are available for download now through the links below).
  • Four Elective Classes (each class will be divided into five daily sections - see our teachers, titles, and blurbs below).
  • A Large Group Session with a variety of components: fun videos from interns, RYM Worship videos with lyrics (to allow your group to join in singing), and a brief sermon on this summer's theme, "Do Not Fear." Sermons are offered by ​Richie Sessions​, ​Robert Cunningham​, John Stone​, ​Cyril Chavis​, and ​Les Newsom.
  • Each sermon will be accompanied by Small Group Questions for further conversation and ongoing discussion with your group.
  • Note: (a) The sermons and elective classes are much shorter in length than a typical RYM Conference, as we understand many are growing a little screen averse by now. (b) While we understand the challenges, we hope the material we provide will be accessible to both middle and high school students.

LEADERS - We are excited to provide a three-part "elective" featuring content created for you by Walt Mueller, Scotty Smith, & Joe Novenson.