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Reformed Youth Ministries is excited to announce the launch of a new podcast entitled The Local Youth Worker. This will be a daily podcast (Monday-Friday) that centers on five questions.

Each individual episode will focus on one question and have a runtime of approximately 10 minutes. Sometimes the episode will be shorter or longer, but we want to keep it around 10 minutes to offer you something that fits into your busy schedules.

Practical to Professional

We plan for our questions to range from “the practical to the professional,” and here’s what we mean. For the most part, we will have five basic practical questions we ask youth workers. Those questions are as follows:

  • (Monday) What’s the best thing you’ve done in student ministry?
  • (Tuesday) What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in student ministry?
  • (Wednesday) What’s a truth you cling to in order to keep perspective in ministry?
  • (Thursday) What’s something you do to foster relationships with parents?
  • (Friday) What books, besides the Bible, have made the greatest impact on you?

It is our hope that hearing these questions answered by youth workers in other contexts will be beneficial to you. For the “professional” questions, we plan to interview seminary professors, authors, counselors, and others with more topical questions. Those episodes will still center around five questions, but the questions will vary from our Basic Five.

Here’s a preview:  we have an episode featuring Jaquelle Crowe who is the author of This Changes Everything and one with Tim Challies, an author and blogger. It is our plan to have many more like this.

Our Hopes and Vision

Ultimately, we are launching this podcast to serve youth workers who are laboring for God’s Kingdom; therefore, we look forward to seeing how God may use it.  With that in mind, here are some of our goals:

  • Foster community: While a podcast is a lesser community than face-to-face community with other youth workers, we do hope there’s a sense of community people get from The Local Youth Worker. We know there are some youth workers who are ministering alone with no access to other youth workers in their area. We hope our podcast gives them that sense of community.
  • Encourage and Equip: Going right along with the above, we hope you are encouraged by this podcast, and we hope you learn from others through it. One of the greatest gifts God bestows upon the church are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We pray the Lord uses the thoughts and comments from our fellow laborers to bless you.
  • God’s Church: A heartbeat of RYM is serving the local church. RYM does not want to be a ministry unto itself, but rather a ministry that constantly serves the local church. Not only do we hope to accomplish this through this very podcast, but also with other written resources that bless youth workers, parents, and teenagers.

Some Requests for Our Listeners

Patience: We are just figuring this podcast thing out, so we hope you’ll be patient with us as we grow. We’ve learned a lot, but we still have a long way to go. Some of the episodes may sound better than others; some took place at youth conferences, so the rooms we recorded in weren’t the best. In fact, a few episodes we had to scrap all together because of background noise. Please be patient with us as we seek to serve you.

Subscribe: It would greatly help us if you subscribe to this podcast and spread the word to others. A major aspect of RYM’s ministry for the last several decades has been RYM’s youth conferences. We hope the Lord uses The Local Youth Worker to inform others about the ministry of RYM. When you subscribe to our podcast, you can end up promoting it to other churches and students who wouldn’t have heard about us otherwise. It is especially helpful if you subscribe within the first few weeks of the podcast launch. Subscribing greatly increases the promotion of the podcast on iTunes. If you do this, we will be very appreciative.

Purchase:  While you’re subscribing to our podcast on iTunes (see what I did there), please check out Joe Deegan’s newest album, Cover and Title Page. In the intro and outro for each of our episodes, we borrow a song written and performed by Joe, entitled The Wedding Feast. Joe’s lyrics are theologically rich and saturated with Scripture; we know you will be blessed by them.

We have many episodes already recorded and ready to share with you. If you visit iTunes and subscribe, those will be made available to you, and you will begin to receive episodes weekly.

It is our prayer that the Lord will use these podcasts mightily for his Kingdom and that you would be ministered to in the midst of the ministry He has called you to.

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