The Missing(?) Person of Jesus

The Missing(?) Person of Jesus - Robert Row

Four years ago, I couldn’t have drawn an accurate portrait of the life of Jesus Christ. Having “followed” Jesus for forty years, received an M.Div., and been ordained, I was sitting on a mountain of wonderful biblical/theological truths but it seemed I had become numb to Jesus.  As one friend put it, I was focused on the window of theology instead of the grand vista of Christ through which that theology pointed. In short, Jesus had become very impersonal in my life. I had heard the gospel, preached the gospel, and tried to understand life through a gospel grid, but something was not connecting.   I had come to understand the good news with important emphasis on the work of Jesus but had somehow missed the person of Jesus. My hope in our time together is that you will join me in the journey to see Jesus in all his beauty. I invite you to see his life, his narrative, his cadences, and how he loved.
The world is offering many forms of beauty to captivate our hearts and those of the next generation. God is calling our hearts to be captivated by the beauty of his Son.  Imagine impacting an entire generation of the church that sees Jesus, fixes their eyes on him, follows and walks in his footsteps, and begins to love as he loves. When that happens, his disciples will once again turn the world upside down.