Track Series

Christianity is a religion of words, because our God is a God of words. He created through words, calls Himself the Living Word, and wrote a book (filled with words) to communicate to His children. In light of this, pastors and parents should take great efforts to train the next generation to be readers. Track is a series designed to do exactly that.

Written for students, the Track series addresses a host of topics in three primary areas: Doctrine, Culture, and the Christian Life. Track's booklets are theologically rich, yet accessible. They seek to engage and challenge the student without dumbing things down.  Some of the authors in the series include: Ligon Duncan, Derek Thomas, Ed Welch, Abigail Dodds, Reagan Rose, Stephen Nichols, and Walt Mueller. 

One definition of a track reads: a way that has been formed by someone else's footsteps. The goal of the Track series is to point us to that 'someone else' - Jesus Christ. The One who forged a track to guide His followers. While we cannot follow this track perfectly, by His grace and Spirit He called us to strive to stay on the path. It is our prayer that this series of books would help guide Christ's Church until He returns.

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