RYM Worship

RYM Worship

At RYM, we believe that music is an important part of worship. As image bearers of the one true God, we not only long to sing and make music before the Lord, we are blessed when we do so. This is especially true when we come together with other believers.

RYM Worship is led by staff member and singer/songwriter Joe Deegan from Houston, TX who spearheaded the ministry's first ever worship album in December of 2018 entitled "Promised Land." The album is a mix of old and new songs, some covered, some original. Our hope is that these songs would be a blessing to those who hear them and also a resource for churches and youth groups out there who would like to incorporate them into their own worship. It's available now on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to music.

RYM Worship has just released its second full-length record called "SING OVER US" that also features a mixture of hymns, modern covers and originals. It's available wherever you listen to music. There will also be a Bible study to accompany the album available sometime in the Fall of 2020.  

If you have any questions about RYM Worship, please email our Worship Resource Coordinator Joe Deegan at jdeegan@rym.org. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook