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Philosophy of Ministry "Supplement"


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Class Resources 

Walt Mueller - CPYU

Developing a Worldview Toolkit - James Anderson
Section 1 Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

Section 2 Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

How do I teach Reach These People?! Educational Theory for Student Ministry Leaders - Stephen Estock
Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

Shame and the Stories that Shape Us - Adam Coppock
Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
Resource Sheet

It's Not Just Mental: Understanding the Role of the Nervous System in Youth Mental Health - Rachel Sellers
Window of Tolerance
Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
Rachel Sellers Website
Rachel's Book on Amazon

Thriving Smaller Church Youth Ministry - Stephanie Caro
Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

"Here I am! Send me!" Finding and Keeping Youth Volunteer Teams - Scott Herron
Why Prayer Groups?
Leadership Commitmenets and Expectations

The Emotionally Healthy Youth Worker - Stephanie Caro
Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)