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Welcome to the 2019 YLT Northeast Digital Notebook

YLT Northeast Schedule

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Classes offerred as links offer outlines, handouts, PPT's, etc.  This will be updated leading up to and oftentimes even during YLT.


Y1 - Introduction to the Philosophy of Ministry (POM) - Michael Hall
Y2+ - Living the POM - Joey Stewart
Y1 - Covenant Theology and the Implications for Youth and Family Ministry in the Church - Joey Stewart
                YLTNE Covenant Theology Manuscript/Notes
Y2+ - Growing in the POM - John Perritt
Y1 - POM: Presuppositions - Michael Hall
Y2+ - POM Avenues: Small Groups & Large Group - John Perritt


Y1 - POM: Purpose/Goals/Principles - Joey Stewart
Y2+ - What I’ve Learned About Ministry - Duffy Robbins


Y1 - Christ Centered Teaching - Scotty Smith  
Y2+ - Stressed Out: Pushing Back On The Epidemic of Teen Anxiety - Walt Mueller

-Prayer - Scotty Smith
-Translating Lessons to Life: Making Sure They Hear What You Think You Said - Duffy Robbins
-How Youth Workers Can Support Parents - Walt Mueller
-Scripture’s Reflection of Body Image - Julie Lowe



ALL - How To Talk About Pornography and Sexuality With Students: Content and Posture - Walt Mueller


Suggested Area Restaurants

Lancaster city:
Horse Inn
-The above three are difficult to get into (Advance reservations recommended. Horse Inn does not take reservations, but well worth the wait if there is one.  It opens at 5.

Iron Hill Brewery
Thistle Finch Distillery
Wacker Brewering Company
Taj Mahal
JB Dawson’s 
Stoner Grille
Rachels Cafe & Crêperie 
Prince Street Cafe 
Lancaster Brewing Company 


Lancaster county:
David and Steve’s Fireside Tavern 
Speckled Hen 
Miller’s Smorgasbord