YLT Northeast Schedule

YLT Northeast 2019 Schedule

3:30p-5:00p    Registration | Check In @ Hotel (local participants may check in at the hotel or please
                              arrive early to the Opening Assembly) 
6:00p                Opening Assembly: Banquet | Testimonies | RYM Worship | Duffy Robbins 
8:00p                Prayer Group Leader Meeting
8:00p until      PA Dutch Desserts  | Late Night Hangout


8:30a                Morning Worship   
9:15a                Year 1 - Introduction to the Philosophy of Ministry (POM) - Michael Hall
                           Year 2+ - Living the POM - Joey Stewart
10:30a              Break 
10:45a              Year 1 - Covenant Theology and the Implications for Youth and Family Ministry
                           in the Church - Joey Stewart
                           Year 2+ - Growing in the POM - John Perritt
12:00p              Lunch & Free Time
2:00p                Year 1 - POM: Presuppositions - Michael Hall
                           Year 2+ - POM Avenues: Small Groups & Large Group - John Perritt
4:15p                 Evening Assembly: RYM Worship & Duffy Robbins  
5:30p                 Dinner Out
9:00p until       Late Night Hangout


8:30a                  Morning Worship   
9:15a                  ALL - Prayer Groups
12:00p               Lunch & Free Time  
2:00p                 Year 1 - POM: Purpose/Goals/Principles - Joey Stewart
                            Year 2+ - What I’ve Learned About Ministry - Duffy Robbins
4:15p                 Evening Assembly: RYM Worship & Duffy Robbins   
5:30p                 Dinner Out
9:00p until       Late Night Hangout    


8:30a                  Morning Worship   
9:15a                  Year 1 - Christ Centered Teaching - Scotty Smith
                            Year 2+ - Stressed Out: Pushing Back On The Epidemic of Teen Anxiety - Walt Mueller
12:00p               Lunch & Free Time  
1:30p                 Electives: attend 1 each "session"
                              Session 1 (1:30-2:30p)                               
                              >Translating Lessons to Life: Making Sure They Hear What You
                                         Think You Said - Duffy Robbins 
                              >Prayer - Scotty Smith

                              Session 2 (2:45-3:45p)
                              >Scripture’s Reflection of Body Image - Julie Lowe
                              >How Youth Workers Can Support Parents - Walt Mueller

4:15p                  Evening Assembly: RYM Worship & Duffy Robbins   
5:30p                  Dinner Out
9:00p until        Late Night Hangout  


8:30a                  Morning Worship   
9:15a                  ALL - How To Talk About Pornography and Sexuality With Students: Content and Posture -
                              Walt Mueller
11:00a                Final Assembly and Benediction
11:15a                Dismissed - travel safely!