POM Supplement

The links below offer multiple presentations for many of the Philosophy of Ministry classes at YLT. "Why?" you ask...The POM is best understood and applied when you take time to marinate in it...so here ya go - enjoy wallowing around!  Each of these teachers know the POM well and have applied it to years of ministry in multiple contexts.  They each present it in helpful ways that are a little different.  Hopefully this will be as beneficial for you as it has been for me in not only getting a better grasp of what the POM is, but also why it is so important for you in ministry! 


Philosophy of Ministry Diagrams

POM Overview

The Tree

The Rocket

The Kite

The Pentagon

Year 1

Introduction to the Philosophy of Ministry




Year 2

Growing Deeper in the Philosophy of Ministry

Group Dynamics and Development

One on One Ministry - This isn't necessarily "Year 2 material" but these two seminars got great feedback, so I wanted to include them.