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Reformed Youth Ministries

Reaching & Equipping Youth for Christ 

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Reaching & Equipping Youth for Christ

RYM exists to reach and equip youth for Christ. For over 40 years we have fulfilled our mission by providing conferences for youth that are word driven, God centered and gospel focused.

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RYM does not exist to compete with the church but to be a helpful resource for the church in her ministry to youth and families. It is our prayer that the ministry focus of RYM will be used by our great Savior to encourage and equip churches in their ministries to youth and families and help transform the youth culture in general. In short, we desire to influence the church for generations.

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Encouragement from the Gospel, connection with fellow youth workers and rich biblical content

Youth Leader Training provides a venue for those who minister to youth in the context of the local church and community to gather together for a week of Biblical training in theology and philosophy of ministry, small group interaction, and mutual encouragement, edification and networking with fellow laborers in student ministry
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Summer Conferences

RYM's summer conferences exist to reach youth for Christ and equip them to serve. For over 40 years we have fulfilled our mission by providing conferences for youth that are word drivenGod centered and gospel focused. God has blessed RYM, growing us from our original one conference to now seven conferences that are reaching and equipping students nation wide. We give all praise to God for the abundant grace He has extended to us, and the 4,000 students and youth leaders who attend our conferences.

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We need churches and individuals to embrace our vision for the future and become partners with us in making it a reality. We need your financial support and your commitment to pray fervently and faithfully for the ministry of RYM. Would you join us in being used of God in reaching youth for Christ and equipping them to serve?

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