Passing the faith on to the next generation!

In our efforts to reach and equip student's for Christ, we want to reach those who are in student's lives - parents and youth workers. Therefore, we've created three podcasts that speak into the unique callings of the student, the parent, and the youth worker.

The Local Youth Worker: Is a weekly podcast designed to assist those serving in student ministry. Whether you are in full-time, part-time, or volunteer youth ministry, this podcast exists to encourage and equip you in your calling. Ministry professionals, counselors, local youth workers, authors, and others frequent the show to pass their experience on to you.

Parenting Today: Is a bi-weekly podcast (Tues/Thurs) designed to assist parents raising their child in today's culture. Not only does this podcast serve as an encouragement to focus on today and not worry about tomorrow (Matt. 6), but it also deals with the issues of current youth culture. 

The RYM Student Podcast: Publishes three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) and is designed to assist students in their walk with Jesus by passing on biblical truth aimed at teens. Borrowing 3-5 minute clips from our Summer youth conference electives, this podcast presents gospel truth in a bite-size format. Since student's lives are busy, it is our hope that this can help the truth of God's Word speak into student's lives. Parents & youth workers are also encouraged to play these clips alongside their students to assist in the discipleship process.