High School FL 1 Electives

2022 HSFL 1 Elective Classes

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1. Justification: God's Good News Answer to Our Bad News - Greg Meyer

Justification is part of the grand story of God’s love and salvation that is unfolded in the Bible. In it we see the very heart of God displayed: His steadfast love for sinners, His free mercy and grace, and His perfect justice. In this elective class, we’ll unpack what justification means – and how it applies to your life. By deepening your understanding of what Justification is and what it means for your life, you will find lasting comfort and joy.

Greg serves as an Assistant Pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO, and has served in youth ministry for over a decade, including churches in Mississippi and Georgia. He is the author of A Student’s Guide to Justification and has been involved with RYM since 2009. Greg has also written for a variety of online outlets in addition to blogging on his own site Moment-By-Moment (gs-meyer.com). Greg is a graduate of Mercer University (BS in Engineering) and Reformed Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity). He is married to Mary Jane and they have three sons: Grey, Davis, and Withers and a daughter, Henley.  At RYM, you can find him on the basketball court, hovering around the book table, searching for coffee, or feasting in Martha’s Kitchen (gingers are scared of the sun).

2. Clear Identity in a Confused Culture - Morgan Walker

We live in a culture obsessed with evolving labels. "You do you" is the counsel of our day. Yet, this is not an exclusive problem to our culture. This breakout will trace a Biblical theological understanding of Christian identity that provides a clear vision for our lives. While the gospel of our culture will leave us confused, the Gospel of Jesus gives meaning to our lives.  

Morgan is a pastor’s wife, girl mom, Biblical counselor, and theology student. She has worked professionally in clinical, educational, and hospital settings with children, youth, and adults affected by various disorders and disabilities. She is now the Ministry Relations Manager with Joni and Friends Mississippi and a member at Westminster Presbyterian in Laurel, MS. 

3. We Need to Talk: Biblical Confrontation and Forgiveness - Amanda DeYoung

We all need to have a DTR with confrontation and forgiveness. Our relationship with it is messy and complicated, and we often feel unsure of how to do either well. Is it possible to confront without destroying or being destroyed? What does forgiveness look like in difficult relationships? Together, we'll examine Scripture's model of confrontation and forgiveness, and we'll look at its practical application in our lives. We'll discuss how these tools not only make our relationships stronger and healthier, but also reveal to us more of the character of God!

Amanda is originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Social Work and has her Master's in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. She planted RUF Wesleyan in Macon, GA  in 2015, and this summer she transitioned to be the Assistant Director of the RUF Campus Staff program. She is passionate about equipping and encouraging Christians to grow in their love for Christ and in their unique giftings as they serve the Church. She loves power-walking, podcasts, and clearing her schedule to watch a matinee movie in the middle of the day.

4. Rubber Band Friendships: Relationships That Hold, Stretch, or Sometimes Need to Break - Shannon Hathaway

Friendships are essential to a happy life. Friends come and go throughout our lives, but some friendships stay together for years or even decades. This elective will help you learn how to nurture friendships that last, and how to tell if they are healthy and helpful in stretching you to become more like Christ. We will also consider how to tell when a relationship needs to end, and offer tips on withdrawing from a relationship in a healthy, gracious way when it is hurting you rather than helping you serve the Lord and others. 

Shannon Hathaway graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2007, earning a Master of Arts in Theological Studies.  She serves part-time on the Youth Staff of Covenant Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO, and has taught adult and youth Sunday School and Women’s Bible Studies for 15 years.  Shannon is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Counseling degree, and is passionate about walking with adolescents as they make the complicated transition from childhood to adulthood. Her husband, Dr. Joel Hathaway, serves as the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program and Career Services at Covenant Seminary.  Shannon also works part-time in the Academics department at the Seminary.  Joel and Shannon delight in three college-aged sons and a middle school daughter, who patiently continue to teach them about life in the teen and young adult years.

5. Our Call To Worship This Morning: Shame and Blame, Tears and Fears - Sam MacDonald

Worship is for the weary! Using the Psalms of Ascent, we will expose the myth that God only welcomes our best. Rather, our struggles are precisely what God uses to draw us to Himself and inspire meaningful worship.

Sam has served as a missionary in Malawi, Africa, a pastor in Mississippi, and teacher in Fairhope, Ala. He and his wife, LeAnne, have three daughters.

6. Help! Help My Unbelief!David Sanders

We live in a world of lies.  It is hard to believe anything we hear.  In fact,  it seems that my struggling heart doesn't want me to believe in God or His Word.  How can I trust what the Bible says?  How can I know that I am truly saved?  How can I believe the promises of God?  The Scripture tells us we can KNOW we are saved, we can KNOW the Helper (The Holy Spirit) that indwells a believer, we can KNOW that all of His wonderful promises will be kept, and we can trust God.  God loves to help us believe Him.  Lord, Help!  Help my unbelief!

David graduated from Western Carolina University in December of 1994. He married Linda in 1997. What a blessing and help she is to him.  They have five children (Makaria, Charis, Hart, Asher, and Raenie).  David was a youth pastor for 25 years.  He was raised in ministry at Westminster PCA in Martinez, GA. He served there for 16 years. During those years, he attended Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. He received his Master of Divinity.  In November of 2011, he was hired by Mount Calvary PCA as their Assistant Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry.  He later was called by the congregation to the Associate Pastor Role and after 10 years of serving at MCPC he became the pastor at New Harmony PCA in Alcolu, SC.  David is a miracle of the Lord where God took the most selfish person in the entire world and made him a lover of Christ and of His church.

7. How do we rest well? - Jamie Gaston

Our culture affirms the importance of rest, but also clearly misunderstands what rest is, how we should incorporate it into our lives, and why it is important. If you're anything like me, you find yourself either not resting on the weekend and staying busy, or thinking that "rest" means doing nothing and streaming shows all day. However, neither of these practices truly understands or embodies the Biblical view of Sabbath. In this class we will provide theology, tools, and rhythms for how to rest well in your Christian walk. 

Jamie is the Director of Student Ministries at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, VA. He has worked with middle and high school for a number of years, most notably in college where he volunteered with YoungLife for four years and worked in college admission for two years. Jamie met his wife Kali at Christopher Newport University and they've been married for three years! Jamie graduated from Duke Divinity School in 2021 with a Masters in Theological Studies. Jamie loves all things sports, theology, and good food.

8.  Praying the Prayers of Scripture: How the Psalms Help Us Talk to God - Jackson Clemmer

Ever struggle to pray? Not sure what to say to God or how to say it? The Psalms give us words when we don’t have them. In this class, we’ll explore what the Psalms show us about how God invites us to pray, and learn how and why to simply pray the Psalms themselves.

Jackson is co-director for Student Ministries at Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, TN, where he lives with his wife, Martha, and their two dogs, Indie and Chester. He loves rock climbing, all things Boston sports, and every chance he gets to talk about the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection for us.

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