High School FL 1 Electives

Duffy Robbins

We are excited to have Duffy join us at both High School Florida conferences this summer.  Everyone will attend these sessions as part of the morning elective schedule.

Straight Choices in a Crooked World

It’s a crazy world out there, and it just seems to get more and more confusing. What does it means to be a disciple of Jesus when the world has morphed from true-false to multiple choice?  “Do I say ‘Yes’, do I say ‘No’, Do I say, ‘What would Elsa do’?” Our morning sessions together will focus on some practical strategies for making straight choices in a very crooked world.  

Elective Classes

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The Power of Story - Joe Deegan

People say you are what you eat, and we consume stories all day long. Movies, music, shows, sports, books, gossip, social media, even our own personal dialogue inside our heads—these are the stories we munch on day in and day out. The question is, what are they doing to our souls? Are they molding us more and more into the image of God, or are they driving us further away from the light of his presence? This week we’re going to consider the power of storytelling and how we can use wisdom to seek out the stories that our Creator wants us to hear.


Returning from Exile: Coming Back from COVID - Greg Meyer

Fifteen months from the onset of the pandemic, the recession of COVID-19 glimmers on the horizon. Sorrow is giving way to joy. Light is dawning in the darkness. We get to return “home.” Still, it’s clear that home is different. And, if we’re honest, we too are different than we were a year ago. In the Biblical narrative, there is language and a story that help us navigate the particular season in which we find ourselves: Israel’s return from Exile. In this class, we’ll examine the biblical theme of exile and return by reflecting on the intermingling of joy and sorrow we see in Ezra 3 in comparison to what we have all just experienced during the pandemic. We are coming out of a season of deep, extended sorrow, grief, and loss. Even as we feel the joy rising within us at our “return home” in our churches and our youth groups, the sorrow lingers. This is especially true as we remember what once was and who we once were.  Everything has changed – our homes and we ourselves.  We’ll spend time unpacking these things together in prayer and conversation with one another in this class, so that we might be make sense of where we have been and how Jesus is inviting us to follow Him moving forward.


When "Never Enough" is the Never Ending Battle: The Battle of Shame and the Power of Vulnerability Found in the Gospel - Adam Coppock

Do you ever just feel like no matter what you do you don't feel like you measure up? You constantly feel like you feel like you are not good enough, not strong enough, not pretty enough, not holy enough, not _____ enough. Ever since the Garden of Eden, the presence of sin means we also battle with shame, the feeling that we aren't enough or that we are defined by our weaknesses and failures. Shame affects EVERYONE but perhaps at different times in different ways. But the common struggle is that we tend to live our lives by a shame story in our heads that is counter to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will look at the power of the Cross and how Christ Himself came to address your shame. Practically we will also look at the power of vulnerability, how something that sounds like a weakness actually becomes a weapon of strength in our battle against shame.


Being Mastered By God’s Word - Camille Ward

Have you ever come to God’s word, wanting to read it? Study it? Understand it? Really get something out of it? …and you felt stuck, intimidated or confused…unsure of where to start or how to go about it? If you can nod your head yes, you are not alone. This class will offer a simple way of coming to God’s word and meditating on it through an exercise called Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is Latin for “sacred reading” and it offers us a way to come into God’s presence and be with Him, to meditate on scripture and pray, listening for God’s Word to you and at that particular moment in time. Whether you feel comfortable engaging with the scriptures or have never done it before you are invited to join us as we learn and practice this exercise together!


Thinking Christianly About Media - Brad Robson

How should Christians think about and process the messages we see and hear that are presented in various forms of media: social, songs, movies, ads, gaming, and commercials? The goal of this elective is to begin to answer that question, and to think together from a Christian worldview about popular secular songs, videos, and shows that we see around us every day. The hope is you will be able to take all that you learn home with you as you continue to grow in Christ and live for God’s glory.


Jesus on the Road - Katie Stanton

In this class we will look at the interactions Jesus had with a variety of people during his ministry. What can we learn about the heart of Jesus from these interactions? What can we learn about what it looks like to love people?  Jesus responds to each person in a way that meets them exactly where they are and helps us better understand the difference between being 'loving' and being ’nice.’ 


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