Middle School FL Electives

RYM Middle School Florida Electives

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  1.   Addressing Our Mess: How the gospel brings real hope to lost causes like us – Matthew Icard 

Let’s face it . . . you’re sort of a mess. Life at home is hard.  Life at school is hard. Even life at church is hard! Most of the time you don’t make the grades, win the championships, or get the likes. Now mix in a little pride, anger, lust, and/or a few "white lies," and you’ve got . . . well . . . you. Yes, you try to keep it together and put on a smile, but deep down you feel you’re always kind of lost and falling apart. In this elective we’re going to be honest about our frustration, our sin, and our brokenness. But we’re also going to talk about how God heartens the hopeless, welcomes the wandering, and binds the broken in Jesus. Join us as we take a good look at ourselves, our mess, and the glorious good news of the gospel. 


  1. Story Shaped Life Blurb - Joe Deegan

I’ve heard it said, “If you want someone to know the truth, tell them; if you want someone to love the truth, tell them a story.” As God’s created human beings, there is something within us that responds more deeply to stories than to anything else in the world. The world itself is trying to shape and mold and form us with its own stories—false narratives that lead us away from our Creator. But the Bible is telling us a different story. In fact, the Bible is just that—a story. From Genesis to Revelation, the Scriptures are giving us one enormous, true, historical, prophetic, poetic, epic story that does way more than just tell us the difference between right and wrong. It’s a story that will shape and mold us into the people God intended us to be if we will let it. This week we’re going to talk about the power of storytelling, the deception beneath the stories that the world is telling us, and the beauty within the greatest story ever told.


  1. Stressed Out! Living in a World of Worry & Anxiety – John Perritt

What’s your typical day filled with? School, homework, tests, sports, and work. What are some of the relationships you deal with? People who make you laugh, people who make you cry, people who make you mad, and people who annoy you. What do you think about during the day? School, sports, movies, girls/boys, money, future, your body, their body, dating, sex, Snapchat, music, Instagram, celebrities, video games and YouTube. How do you feel about your day, your relationships, and your thoughts? On one hand, many of these things can foster thoughts of joy and excitement. On the other hand, many of them might make you want to run and hide. What’s your day filled with? In a word…stress.

Since we live in a sinful world, nothing comes easy. Even the good things in life are hard. In this current cultural climate, middle and high school students are among the most stressed people. Worry, anxiety, and depression among students are the highest in history. But God’s Word speaks to every moment in human history. God, in his sovereignty, wanted you to live in this current time in history. How can you learn to live with the stresses of life? How can you deal with anxiety and worry in a helpful way?  This elective seeks to answer those questions for God’s glory and your good.


  1. The Love of God is Like... – Michael Hall

We hear love associated with everything from romance and marriage to cool shoes and sweet bacon. Seems like love can be applied however one wants to whatever one wants. Maybe you’ve struggled to love the way you feel you should. Maybe you’ve been deeply hurt by someone who said they loved you. Maybe you wonder if you really know what being loved is like at all. Love is not an idea. Love is not a feeling. Love is a God thing. God’s love is the biggest, most complete, most perfect and wonderful expression of love in all creation - for God IS love. Because our experience of love is often diluted and misguided, we don’t fully appreciate His love and therefore miss out on the myriad of blessings He offers us in it.  In the Bible God goes to great lengths to profess His love for His people using numerous metaphors and images. Join us for this elective as we consider how wide and long and high and deep is the love of God in Jesus...and in more fully knowing this love that surpasses knowledge, we may be filled with all the fullness of God, enabled to trust Him more confidently in the hard times and celebrate Him more richly in the high times.


  1. TULIP: The Joy of Calvinism – Matt Beham

Did Jesus save you, or did Jesus make salvation possible? Did Jesus jump into the water and pull you out, or is he in the business of manufacturing life-vests? Are you secure in your salvation, or liable to falling out of the Father's hands? Does God love you personally, or generally? The "R" of RYM stands for "Reformed," and this class explores the central doctrines of grace of the Reformed Faith. We'll talk about TULIP, the acronym that describes the state of humanity and the Trinitarian work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to save and keep God's people. My hope is that you'll not only find truth in this class but also the joy of your salvation and security you have in God's promise that “he who began a good work in you will surely carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:6). 


  1. My Strange Addiction – Kurt Cooper       

Your phone is the last thing you see before you shut your eyes at night. Your phone is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. Your phone tells you when to get up. It tells you where to go and how to get there. It’s honestly a serious question as to whether you are in charge of it or if it’s in charge of you. How can we take this gift from God and use it in such a way that it doesn’t dominate our every waking moment? Come and find out.

  1.  Besties for the Resties? (Girls Only) – Rose Turner

Friendships are hard and often messy. Ever wonder why? Come explore what the Bible says about friendships, brokenness, and how we can seek real connection in a world of social media driven friendships.


  1. The Most Dangerous Prayer – Tyler Kenyon

If you were writing a list of things that Christians do, where would prayer be on that list? Near the top? Toward the bottom? Regardless of where it is on the list, we can all agree that it should be on the list. But why is prayer so hard? Why are we so bad at it? When Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, he used around thirty words. But what if we prayed this prayer? His prayer! Actually prayed it! Jesus teaches us that praying it will not only align our lives with His Sermon on the Mount; it will reorient our lives to live "dangerously" by the power of the Spirit as "Kingdom agents" taking the gospel into every situation, conversation, and relationship, as far as the curse is found! 


  1. Pretender or Contender—How God Nourishes the Souls of His Children – Justin Pillsbury

It’s easy and almost natural to go through the motions. It’s easy to pretend that we have it all together or we can make it work by sheer will.  But the truth is we all know we don’t measure up; we know we fall short. It could be crippling, overwhelming, or exhausting as we realize how short we fall, but the gospel gives the needed instruction on how the Christian life is to be lived.  We have a God who enables us to contend in this life and not just fake it till we make it.