Middle School TX Electives

RYM Middle School Texas Electives

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1. Living At the Pace of Being Known – Greg Meyer

Being seen and known by others is a fundamental human desire.In today’s world, though, we often live at such a hurried pace that we miss opportunities to see each other and to be known by each other. We often live without a sense of place. We’re filled with great relational longing, but we frequently lack direction and the “know how” when it comes to connecting with each other in our local communities.  We can be absent in the present and feel stuck in this habit. This is frustrating, but the good news is that the gospel of Jesus offers us the promise of change!  In this class, we’ll examine how God seeks to return us to a more humane way of living and a more humane pace of living — so that we might slow down enough to be known and be more present in the ordinary places in which we live. God invites us to move at His slower, better pace — to live at Godspeed.

2. Story Shaped Life Blurb - Joe Deegan

I’ve heard it said, “If you want someone to know the truth, tell them; if you want someone to love the truth, tell them a story.” As God’s created human beings, there is something within us that responds more deeply to stories than to anything else in the world. The world itself is trying to shape and mold and form us with its own stories—false narratives that lead us away from our Creator. But the Bible is telling us a different story. In fact, the Bible is just that—a story. From Genesis to Revelation, the Scriptures are giving us one enormous, true, historical, prophetic, poetic, epic story that does way more than just tell us the difference between right and wrong. It’s a story that will shape and mold us into the people God intended us to be if we will let it. This week we’re going to talk about the power of storytelling, the deception beneath the stories that the world is telling us, and the beauty within the greatest story ever told.

3. Pursuing? (Girls Only) – Lara Jensen

Where are you? No, seriously! Where are you? Where are the places in your life you are running from God? Maybe you are running to friendships, popularity, social media, video games, sports to find happiness. If we are honest with ourselves, we’re all running. We’re running to people, places, and things to fulfill us. Wherever you are, God is pursuing you right down to this very moment whether you realize it or not. The question is, why does God pursue sinful humans like you and me?

4. Stressed Out! Living in a World of Worry and Anxiety – John Perritt

What’s your typical day filled with? School, homework, tests, sports, and work. What are some of the relationships you deal with? People who make you laugh, people who make you cry, people who make you mad, and people who annoy you. What do you think about during the day? School, sports, movies, girls/boys, money, future, your body, their body, dating, sex, Snapchat, music, Instagram, celebrities, video games and YouTube. How do you feel about your day, your relationships, and your thoughts? On one hand, many of these things can foster thoughts of joy and excitement. On the other hand, many of them might make you want to run and hide. What’s your day filled with? In a word…stress.


Since we live in a sinful world, nothing comes easy. Even the good things in life are hard. In this current cultural climate, middle and high school students are among the most stressed people. Worry, anxiety, and depression among students are the highest in history. But God’s Word speaks to every moment in human history. God, in his sovereignty, wanted you to live in this current time in history. How can you learn to live with the stresses of life? How can you deal with anxiety and worry in a helpful way?  This elective seeks to answer those questions for God’s glory and your good.

5. What's the Point? – Ryan Dougan

There are a lot of areas in your life demanding your attention, a lot of places that have expectations.  You've got to keep up your grades, maintain friendships, perform well for your team, play well for the band, meet your parents’ standards, and maybe meet your own standards.  On top of all of this, we often hear from our Christian friends and mentors about all of the things that are important to keep up.  It's wise to read the Bible and pray every day, go to church, be kind to people, live life for God, etc.  All of these things are good things, but if you are anything like me, you might sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all. If you're REALLY like me, you might end up asking yourself, "Why am I even doing all of this?"  My goal this week is for us to rediscover the "why" behind a life with God. What's the point of life with God? What's the point of loving other people or giving for the sake of other people? What's the point of church? I think what you and I might find will surprise us.

6. #fortheboys (Guys Only) – Darrell Jones

Be a Man. Man Up. How much ya bench? These are phrases and questions you’ve all heard, but are they helpful? What do they even mean? What makes a man? Come join the bros as we search Scripture for God’s design for masculinity. You’ll leave with a lot more answers and a little more hair on your face.