Middle School TX Electives

RYM Middle School Texas Electives

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1. In His Image: God’s Design for Gender and Marriage - Drew Turberville

 Culture can’t make up its mind when it comes to answering the questions “What does it mean to be a man or woman?”. And it’s constantly trying to redefine what marriage really is. Scripture gives clear, concise answers to these questions and they are found in the very beginning. 

2. The Power of Story - Joe Deegan

People say you are what you eat, and we consume stories all day long. Movies, music, shows, sports, books, gossip, social media, even our own personal dialogue inside our heads—these are the stories we munch on day in and day out. The question is, what are they doing to our souls? Are they molding us more and more into the image of God, or are they driving us further away from the light of his presence? This week we’re going to consider the power of storytelling and how we can use wisdom to seek out the stories that our Creator wants us to hear.

3. For The Doubters (Like Me): Clear talk on your hard questions about God, Christianity, and the Bible - Willis Weatherford

Too many answers to your hard questions are simplistic and unsatisfying. Join me to discover something better! We’ll dig into questions of the trustworthiness of the Bible, the violence in the Old Testament, and the tension between God’s sovereignty and our free will - and see how Jesus meets us in our doubts and leads us into confidence. 

4. The Fish Bait We Love to Take - The Lies that We Believe - Mary Henley Green

Have you ever seen an instagram story of friends hanging out without you and think to yourself, "Why wasn't I invited? Am I not a good friend? My friends do not like me, I am not loved, I need to do something about it, I need to prove my friendship, etc." Friends, these are lies that we believe! Come to this seminar as we wrestle with questions of where do these lies come from, what are the lies I am believing about God and myself, and where can I find the truth that sets me free?

5. Trust Issues: Assurance of Salvation - Andrew "Tree" Triolo

Do you have trust issues with Jesus?  Welcome to the club!  Sin has made doubt one of our responses to God’s grace.  It leads us to ask questions like, “Does God really love me?”  Or, “How can I be sure I am saved?”  These are questions that get at the heart of what we call ‘assurance of salvation.’  In this elective we are going to look at what the Bible teaches us about assurance and encourage one another in the love of Jesus—the love that He has promised will never go away because He secured it at the cross.

6. The Authentic Christian Life - Jim Hahn

In this class we will explore the key realities of Jesus' forgiveness and calling for our lives in the context of our modern, broken world. How can we, as imperfect people, honor our perfect Savior in our daily lives despite our sin and weakness.